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10 Movies With Unforgettable Shopping Scenes

As our favorite films have taught us, life-changing things can happen during casual trips to the mall with friends (or frenemies); behind dressing rooms, when that outfit wears you perfectly; and even while window-shopping outside Tiffany’s on a quiet morning in New York City

Arguably the most famous shopping scene in cinema belongs to Audrey Hepburn, who opens this classic rom-com in an Oscar-nominated performance as Holly Golightly.

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ (1961)

It’s on the massive dance-on keyboard where Josh and his boss, Mr. MacMillan, tap into their inner child, treating a crowd of awestruck customers to a playful duet. This iconic moment was shot inside New York’s FAO Schwarz

‘Big’ (1988)

One of the holiday season’s most featured romantic comedies, “Love Actually” has a bit of everything: British accents; Christmas decor; love unrestricted by age, shape, or size; and Bill Nighy.

‘Pretty Woman’ (1990)

With his cart full of household staples and a package of little green army men—“for the kids”—Kevin successfully convinces the suspicious checkout lady his mom is in the car.

‘Home Alone’ (1990)

In a revelatory moment from “Clueless”—with a cover of Eric Carmen’s “All by Myself” as the background music—a doubtful Cher Horowitz’s (Alicia Silverstone) ponders her life during a long walk home.

‘Clueless’ (1995)

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