11 Highly Recommended Shows That Disappointed Fans

Sometimes you get recommendations for fantastic shows, but sometimes you get a recommendation that is pretty terrible, and you start to question your friend’s taste.

11 Highly Recommended Shows That Disappointed Fans

“my girlfriend at the time said it was the best show and what not,” said one person,  “The plot is ridiculous, their clothing and makeup would never be allowed at a school, a bunch of 16 year old girls surely cannot have so many secrets that they can be blackmailed to such an extent."

“I work in the music industry, and that show doesn’t reflect anything I know” replied one person,  “Also, I think the characters are horribly one-dimensional."

“I’m half way through season 2 and giving it a fair shake,” said one person,  “But so far…zombies attack. Let’s get out of here. But we need supplies. Ok…you go get food. You go and I’ll stay here. Ok. We’ll meet up over there. (Meet up.) Where Bob?"

This show has a huge fan base, so I was surprised when someone said, “It’s this very old and childish show about a very old and childish man who travels through all of time and space having adventures."




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