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15 Movies No One Should Have to Suffer Through

Everyone loves a good movie night, but not all films make for an enjoyable evening. While cinema can be a magical escape, transporting us to other worlds and touching our hearts, some movies miss the mark so badly they become memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Often dubbed “the Citizen Kane of bad movies,” Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” has become infamous for its baffling narrative and awkward dialogue. 

“The Room” (2003)

This movie attempts to deliver an environmental cautionary tale through the medium of a romantic thriller but fails spectacularly on almost every technical and artistic level.

“Birdemic: Shock and Terror” (2010)

Featuring Halle Berry in the lead role, “Catwoman” is often cited as one of the worst superhero films of all time. The movie strays significantly from the beloved DC Comics character’s origins, presenting a disjointed story filled with clichés and over-the-top performances.

“Catwoman” (2004)

John Travolta starred in and helped produce this adaptation of L. Ron Hubbard’s novel, which ended up as a notorious flop, both critically and commercially. 

“Battlefield Earth” (2000)

Mike Myers stars in this comedy that many find more groan-inducing than funny. The humor is often based on cheap stereotypes and crude jokes that fall flat.

“The Love Guru” (2008)

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