15 Movies That Traumatize Everyone Who Watches Them

There are movies that are so intense, so disturbing, that they leave viewers shaken long after the credits roll.

15 Movies That Traumatize Everyone Who Watches Them

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, this film is often cited as one of the most disturbing movies ever made. It unflinchingly portrays the descent into addiction of four interconnected individuals.

This classic horror film from 1973 directed by William Friedkin set a new standard for horror movies with its shocking and graphic depiction of demonic possession.

Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 adaptation of Anthony Burgess’s novel presents a dystopian future where a young delinquent undergoes an experimental treatment to cure him of his violent impulses.

Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film about the Holocaust is harrowing yet essential viewing. It tells the true story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved over a thousand Jewish refugees from the Holocaust by employing them in his factories.


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