Abraham Lincoln: Best Films About Him

From compelling biopics to insightful historical dramas, each film on this list delves into Lincoln’s remarkable life, delving into his leadership, struggles, and lasting impact.

Abraham Lincoln: Best Films About Him

The acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg directs Lincoln, a gripping look at the 16th President as he struggles to end the Civil War and abolish slavery during his last months in office.

In Robert Redford’s remarkable historical drama, The Conspirator, the complex web of intrigue surrounding President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination and the controversial trial of Mary Surratt (Robin Wright), the only female conspirator, is vividly shown.

With Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Abraham Lincoln is reimagined as a fearless vampire slayer, breaking from conventional historical narratives.

A classic film, Young Mr. Lincoln, is directed by the legendary John Ford and depicts the early years of the beloved American president.




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