Amazing TV Shows That Got Cancelled Way Too Soon

There are many reasons why shows get canceled- sometimes it’s because the ratings weren’t what the networks needed.

Amazing TV Shows That Got Cancelled Way Too Soon

Combining horror, comedy, and suburban satire, Santa Clarita Diet was as refreshing as it was hilarious. Fans were left hungry for the next chapter in the Hammond family’s undead adventures.

A classic that blended science fiction with historical drama, Quantum Leap had its protagonist jumping through time to right historical wrongs. Its loyal viewers have longed for more leaps through time, hoping for a revival to give the series a proper conclusion.

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agent Carter gave us a strong, intelligent female lead in Peggy Carter. The show’s cancellation after just two seasons felt premature, with fans eager for more of Peggy’s espionage adventures.

Mixing teen drama with sci-fi, Roswell captured the hearts of viewers with its story of aliens living among us. Despite a dedicated following, the show never got the chance to fully explore its rich mythology.

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