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Bridgerton: How the Show Brought Romance Back into our Lives

Netflix released their lush and swoon-worthy adaptation of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton books, a series of Regency-era romance novels that each follow one of eight siblings in the titular Bridgerton family.

Daphne and Simon’s story is the perfect one with which to kick off the series and establish the world they live in, because outside of some inner turmoil, angst, and an astounding combination of naivete and communication issues, not a whole lot happens.

Bridgerton does a wonderful job of making Anthony both understandably burdened and an unlikeable man all at once. This takes him from the coolly practical and cocky man he is in the books to someone whose redemption I cannot wait to watch.

The one thing I am most grateful to the first season of Bridgerton for, however, is the early introduction of Polin—or Penelope and Colin—my favourite romance in all eight books.

Romance is escapism for me, and if the success of the series is any indication, many felt the same way this year.

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