Disturbing Movies

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Moments That Haunt Your Dreams

Now, if that movie moment is creepy, gruesome, or horrifying, you will find it will haunt your dreams for years.

This film is a crime thriller about a high school student named Danny, who is becoming a Neo-Nazi.

It is a movie set in post-apocalyptic America, where a father and son are on the move to try to find a safe place to stay to avoid the cannibals plaguing the streets.

The Green Mile movie is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, and it is a crime-fantasy story. The story’s male protagonist is Paul, whose life changed after meeting an inmate with a special gift.

Another Stephen King classic, this time from the horror-crime genre.

The Saw movies franchise is very famous, and Saw II is a continuation of the first movie, so you may have to watch that one to understand the references.


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