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I'm Your Woman: The Modern-Day Bridgerton Women are Raving About!

People love drama, and both Netflix and Amazon have dipped their toes in the historical drama scene with shows like Bridgerton and films like I’m Your Woman.

Despite the years between their respective settings, they have some serious common ground for how much the two offerings differ.

Set in Regency-era London during ‘The Season,’ where eligible young women are dolled up, properly perfumed, and paraded out into society, Bridgerton gives viewers their first taste of London society.

Bridgerton demanded to be noticed and became an overnight sensation in pop culture on the popular streaming site Netflix. In contrast, I’m Your Woman had a quiet slot for Amazon as an original release.

It’s easy to dismiss similarities between a noblewoman in 19th century England and a Mafia wife from the 1970s; some character qualities make the leading ladies quite the same.

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