Marilyn Monroe: Every Marilyn Monroe Movie Ranked

To prove it, Stacker used IMDb for all feature films starring Marilyn Monroe and ranked them by user rating, with ties broken by votes. All 29 of her features were included, even those in which she went uncredited.

Every Marilyn Monroe Movie Ranked

In "The Fireball," Mickey Rooney plays a delinquent who gets caught up in the roller derby scene before being stricken with polio in this skate genre drama.

Monroe goes uncredited, and her appearance—in one of her first film roles—is what makes the otherwise forgettable “Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!” notable.

It is a show about a widowed woman named Nancy, who joins a marijuana dealing business after her husband’s death.

Monroe frequently returns to a role as a threat to marriage, and her supporting turn as Bobbie in “Love Nest” is an early example.

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