Movie That Took the Box Office

A better way might be to go by sheer ticket sales, and this is the method we took to determine the most popular movie each year since 1995.

Movie That Took the Box Office

The third installment of the initial Batman series stars Val Kilmer in the title role and introduces Robin for the first time. In it, Batman has to stop the Riddler and Two-Face from enforcing their will over Gotham City.

Critics were, well, critical. However, audiences loved this film about seemingly invincible aliens trying to take over the world and humans fighting back.

For the second year in a row, Will Smith starred in the top ticket-seller. Once again, he was fighting aliens, this time as a secret agent partnered with Tommy Lee Jones.

Telling the story of the famously doomed ship and mixing in a love story proved to be a winner. The film shattered box office records, received generally favorable reviews, and took 11 Oscars, including for Best Picture, Director, and Cinematography. No other movie on this list sold more tickets, and only 3 came even close.

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