Movies Parents Absolutely Refuse to Watch with Kids

We’re going beyond age-appropriateness here: these movies are strange, awkward, and all-around embarrassing to watch with your children at any age.

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Cool action movie? Sorta. It’s a story about a man who gets kidnapped and, after being released 15 years later, is out for revenge.

Requiem for a Dream is a hard movie to watch and probably not something you want to expose your kids to anyway, but it’s even more awkward because this movie has a lot of very graphic sex scenes.

I actually don’t recommend anyone watch Trainspotting, but that’s mostly because I found that one tragic part very upsetting. Otherwise, though, Trainspotting also has a lot of content that you don’t want to see around your kids; namely because of the sex and drug-related scenes.

Are we too prudish? Nope – who wants to watch intimate scenes with your kids, even as adults. Not me, that’s for sure! Which means Pink Flamingos is yet another “pass” not just because of the sex, but because they’re almost all the sex scenes are graphic, violent, and/or incestuous.




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