Scary Movies That Women Find Irresistible

Turn off your lights and prepare a bucket of popcorn to watch these spine-chilling movies with your girlfriends.

The Most Bone-Chilling Horror Films

The girls who like horror movies that give them nightmares prefer The Descent. Although it was released way back, this movie is still the talk amongst horror movie enthusiasts.

Hereditary is a disturbing mix of psychological concepts and supernatural elements. There is a lot of ambiguity throughout the movie after the death of the character’s grandmother

As the name suggests, this crime thriller focuses on seven people who encounter an ill fate due to the seven deadly sins. Directed by David Fincher, this movie is an American murder mystery.

Whether there are 1,000 corpses or not, this American horror movie will not fail to intrigue you. The film is a favorite among many female commentators, and it begins with a couple seeking refuge in an abandoned house after running out of fuel.

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