Times the Best Picture Winner Really Did Deserve It

Following are 15 movies, listed chronologically, that won Best Picture and really did deserve it. This is respective to the other nominees since the list of allegedly deserving movies that didn’t get nominated can be virtually endless.

Times the Best Picture Winner Really Did Deserve It

Casablanca had a great story, a stellar cast, some of the best dialogue ever written, and one of the best endings in movie history. It’s also stood the test of time, and it deserved the honor then and still deserves its place among the very best films ever made.

1953 rivals such as Roman Holiday and Shane were excellent films and also lived to become classics. Still, From Here to Eternity holds up as the right choice for its storytelling and how it tested the boundaries of the time.

Only rarely does the Academy get Best Picture right two years in a row, and 1954 was an example. While On the Waterfront may not be so relevant to the current day, it documents real issues of its time and features one of Marlon Brando’s most powerful roles, which includes one of the best series of lines ever.

This classic basically established the blueprint for Hollywood epics. It was great at the time and still is, and its blueprint has worked over and over again even if critics tire of the Academy falling for it.




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