15 TV Shows That Overstayed Than They Should

From declining viewership to plotlines going off the rails, here are 15 shows that went on longer than they should have.

TV Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome

As the series that the term “jump the shark” was coined after the infamous episode, Happy Days is a series that many felt strayed far away from its roots towards the end.

The show struggled to keep the narrative fresh, often recycling plotlines across its nine-season run. After a highly successful run, the show finally ended with the girls maturing, graduating, and going their separate ways.

Having been on air since 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has ventured into nearly every conceivable medical and personal drama, sometimes stretching believability thin.

Since its inception, South Park has sparked debates about its balance between edgy, dark humor and meaningful commentary. While some think the show’s social commentary is as sharp as ever, others feel the show is a relic of the 90s and is running out of steam.




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