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10 Freshest Netflix Documentaries Not to Miss Out On

Learning about real life can make for amazing entertainment. 

You may have used the antivirus with the same name, but did you know that the man who created this program has a bizarre backstory filled with murder, hacking, escaping prison, and more?

A German Shepherd with a $400 Million trust fund, a bizarre and famous handler, a boy band, and more tie together for a dog-gone interesting tale of financial outlandishness. 

How can a plane just disappear? Even after a decade, the happenings around Flight MH370 still remain a mystery when 239 people disappeared without a trace.

Professional mermaids are not only a thing, it’s an entire industry! This unique underwater-inspired documentary takes a look at the mermaids and mermen who have made this unique pass time a full-time career.

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