Bridgerton Inspired Products To Make You Swoon!

I am delighted to announce I am back with the latest head turning gossip and hottest offerings of the social season.



With all eyes turned to Mr. Colin Bridegerton and Miss Penelope Featherington, I am delighted to give you everything you need while we wait for the season to commence.


This season is sure to excite and I, Lady Whistledown, am here to report it all.


Kapri Candles

Price: $28

Has the Duke you’ve had your eye started courting another? Light up candles that provide a little encouragement and love with every spark. Created to bring positivity to you and your home, Kapri Candles Co are made with 100% soy wax, and are vegan, cruelty-free and have no additives making them carcinogen, toxin, mutagen and phthalate-free. Remind yourself who you are with Kapri Candle’s affirming message.

Chariteas Tea Flights

Price: $35


Committed to sourcing the world’s finest quality tea from the road less traveled, Chariteas brings you the perfect tea to sip on while watching Lady Whistledown release the season’s latest gossip. The company is giving a platform to teas from other countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Vietnam with their unique flavors of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and mint. Sip the tea with the people you love the most this social season. Best of all, Chariteas cares about the environment, and with each purchase of tea, they replant trees around the world.




Price: Varies upon subscription

Nothing says royalty or social gatherings like big, beautiful flowers. Bring fresh flowers to your home this spring with FlowerFix, the text-based flower subscription bringing farm fresh flowers straight to your doorstep. Whether you are hosting a party, or diving into a night of dances and the latest gossip from Lady Whistledown, FlowerFix can help you create the right space with full bouquets, DIY flower kits and more.

Amaranth Vase Co.

Price: $40

Keep your flowers fresh for longer with Amaranth Vase, the innovative design to nurture bouquets this spring. With 3 easy steps, the vase is equipped with its own drainage system. Simply pop off the detachable bottom, trim the stems and seal back up without the hassle of removing the entire bouquet. Pour water into the fillable base, and you’re done! Keep your flowers fresh all season long! Whether you binge Bridgerton in one day or spread it out over a matter of weeks, you can trust your flowers to stay fresh from the start to finish when coupled with an Amaranth Vase.

Congo Tropicals: Organic Dark Chocolate

Price: $15.99 (40 g)- $18.99 (100 g)

Nothing hits better than chocolate and gossip! Curb your desire for the latest gossip and your sweet tooth with Congo Tropical’s dark chocolate. Made in Costa Rica using the finest cacao beans, it is a great treat to satisfy any craving. Perfect for all chocolate lovers in your life! The Congo Organic Dark Chocolate is perfectly balanced sweetness and bitterness with 70% cocoa dark chocolate.


Price: $23-$141

Feel just like Queen Charlotte with Apiceuticals clean skincare and hair products perfect for skin types! Save the bees and restore your skin at the same time with Apiceuticals. Based in Greece, all honey-based products combine bee science and the highest clean beauty standards into skincare products that are nurturing and sensitive for all skin types. Filled with antioxidants and rejuvenating ingredients derived from Arcadian honey to create Propowax Series products, Apiceuticals brings the first dermo-cosmetics products made with respect to the environment and preserving bee communities. Treat yourself with antioxidant hair care, premium oils, cryotherapy seats, and organic honey to supercharge, revive, and heal your skin.  Arcadian honey is the gift of nature for health, euphoria, and strength and our bee products bring you all the bounty of Arcadia, restoring the pure beauty of nature within you.

Kailu: Open Road Portable Throw

Price: $165

The ideal curl-up accessory to get comfy with while immersing yourself in the drama of the social season. Made to regulate temperature, you won’t have to worry about heating up while sleeping or lounging with the luxurious throw from Kailu. Filled with hand-stretched raw silk and includes a removable, washable cover, the portable throw is perfect for your Bridgerton date night or lounging on the couch. Made in the ancient villages that outfitted emperors, you don’t want to miss out on this luxurious material this season. It is sure to make you feel as luxurious as the royalty you see on the screen.



Benji Sleep

Price: $25-$130



Affordable sheets fit for royalty and perfect for cozying up to while we watch Anthony’s love life unfold. Benji Sleep takes pride in creating the softest sheets and bedding collection designed with high-performing buttery fabric that doesn’t break the bank. Benji’s material features the ultra-soft luxurious feel of 1,500 threads per square inch, made from double-brushed microfiber which wicks away moisture rather than absorbing it like cotton and other fabrics. Designed with temperature-controlled elements to appease the warm sleepers to stay cool, and cool sleepers stay cozy! All products provide hypoallergenic elements for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin which is perfect for all skin types. From duvets, sheet sets, comforters, pillows, and more you can find any bedding you need in a variety of beautiful colors. Luxury has never been so affordable with sheets that are so damn soft!





Sugar Bee Clothing Co

Price: $14.95-$59.95

The perfect children’s attire for Simon and Daphne’s new baby! Meet the fashion-forward brand with a Southern twist. Sugar Bee Clothing Co takes pride in creating high-quality clothing with fun patterns great for mixing and matching your kiddos together. From beautiful gingham dresses to adorable buttflap pajamas in the sweetest prints, you can’t go wrong adding these high-quality items to your kid’s wardrobe. With options to personalize and embroider clothing and darling accessories to add a unique touch. The beloved collection of clothing offers something for every family member. What a fun way to celebrate holidays and coordinate photo opportunities!



Mise en Scènt

Price: $36



Set the mood with an Old Hollywood vibe for Bridgerton fans with these movie inspired candles! Brooklyn-based candle studio handcrafts fragrant candles with unique scents inspired by your favorite films to help all candle lovers live in their favorite movies. Mise en Scènt started with a movie fanatic with an idea to immerse viewers in their movie to create a main character environment you never want to leave. Put on your favorite movie, light a beautifully scented candle, and elevate your experience. All candles are eco-friendly, produced using soft, natural soy wax, organic wicks, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and US-produced glass. Mise en Scènt is a sustainable brand that is great to gift all movie lovers who want to get swept up in the glamor of an Old Hollywood classic, a femme fatale perfume in Mystery, or relish in the enticing floral start for a budding romance in Rom-Com. All scents and themes are inspired by iconic films perfect to set the scene for all movie nights.





Wixology Candle Co

Price: $24-$96



Never throw away another candle glass again! Enjoy specialty crafted beautiful, sustainable, and affordable cocktail-inspired candles while you binge watch season 2 from the comfort of your couch. Wixology Candle Co creates products for life’s simple moments like making each other laugh, reminiscing over cocktails, and not taking ourselves too seriously. All scents are inspired by various cocktails and made with coconut and soy blended wax made with metal-free hemp core cotton wicks and poured into a high-quality rocks glass. Each cocktail includes a corresponding recipe for each candle to help you find your cozy place while enjoying the soft scent of vanilla or smoky ash. After you burn your candle, you are left with a beautiful piece of barware that will become your go-to for making cocktails. Transform your space into a modern speakeasy. Burn, clean, pour!



Enjoy these swoon-worthy candles as you curl up and watch your favorite swoon-worthy shows and read your favorite books!


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