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12 Films Where Nothing Really Happens

What film can be summed up as “nothing really happens” – and that most people actually agree with?

One of the reviews for the two-act play this movie was based on included, “Nothing happens, twice.” If that doesn’t get the general feeling down, then maybe knowing the plot will. It’s about two guys who are waiting for Godot (as the name suggests).

This whimsical movie captured the hearts of a generation and gave us some adorable characters that are still popular today. But the movie itself is actually pretty lackluster in terms of excitement. Especially compared to later Ghibli works.

While most people agreed with this suggestion, one Redditor had this to say: “What do you mean nothing happens? They order, and later on the waiter brings their food!”

Coffee and Cigarettes is definitely an interesting piece of media. It stars some artists and celebrities (Wu-tang Clan, the White Stripes, etc) as they have conversations over coffee and cigarettes.

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