12 Period Dramas Fans of Bridgerton Will Love

Chances are you’ve already watched all the mainstream options like Downton Abbey or the Crown. Instead, I have some lesser known period dramas for you to check out.

12 Period Dramas Fans of Bridgerton Will Love

Like Bridgerton, Outlander was a romantic book series turned into a serial drama. Unlike Bridgerton, though, you’re going to get a much spicier storyline, perfect for anyone who feels like they want a little more heat in their period romance TV shows.

The only bad thing about this one is that you’ll be back into the same cycle of waiting for the next season once you’re done. Set in the mid 1800s it follows the true story of how the Princess of Bavaria became the Empress of Austria.

Peaky Blinders takes place a century ahead of Bridgerton, but it’s definitely a great option for someone who liked the mysterious subplots Bridgerton had to offer. While it may not be a romance, you’ll be enthralled by the setting and the characters all the same.

If royalty is more your thing, Versailles is a must see period drama for Bridgerton fans. All those beats of love, hierarchy, power, betrayal, and manipulation that you love in Bridgerton are all here in Versailles –  and I know you’re going to love it.


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