12 Period Dramas Fans of Bridgerton Will Love

If you can’t get enough of Bridgerton but sadly are waiting for the next season to drop (like me) then you might be able to satisfy that with a similar show. We scoured the internet to find what other period dramas you should watch if you’re a fan of Bridgerton or Queen Charlotte and need something to tide you over until the next season.

Loved Bridgerton? Watch These Period Dramas Next!

Chances are you’ve already watched all the mainstream options like Downton Abbey or the Crown. Instead, I have some lesser known period dramas for you to check out.


Outlander Cast
Image Credit: Starz.

Like Bridgerton, Outlander was a romantic book series turned into a serial drama. Unlike Bridgerton, though, you’re going to get a much spicier storyline, perfect for anyone who feels like they want a little more heat in their period romance TV shows.

The Empress

The Empress
Image Credit: Netflix.

The only bad thing about this one is that you’ll be back into the same cycle of waiting for the next season once you’re done. Set in the mid 1800s it follows the true story of how the Princess of Bavaria became the Empress of Austria.

Peaky Blinders

Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders
Image Credit: Netflix.

Peaky Blinders takes place a century ahead of Bridgerton, but it’s definitely a great option for someone who liked the mysterious subplots Bridgerton had to offer. While it may not be a romance, you’ll be enthralled by the setting and the characters all the same.


Image Credit: Studio Canal.

If royalty is more your thing, Versailles is a must see period drama for Bridgerton fans. All those beats of love, hierarchy, power, betrayal, and manipulation that you love in Bridgerton are all here in Versailles –  and I know you’re going to love it.

The Great

I have seen The Great come up on so many “what other period dramas do you watch besides Bridgerton” lists that I have to share it. I don’t even know how to describe this show; mostly because it’s a satire. Part comedy, part drama, it follows how “Catherine the Nothing” becomes “The Great”.

Marie Antoinette

Produced by the BBC and Canal+, Marie Antoinette is a stunning period drama that follows the true life of this amazing woman.

The Tudors

Who has more drama, romance, and excitement in their lives than Henry VIII? Released back in 2007, the Tudors was insanely popular; a great show to binge watch for anyone who loves period dramas.

Anything By Jane Austen

So many options to choose from here but you really can feel Jane Autsin’s romantic writing style echoed in Bridgerton. Truly a perfect match for fans!

The Serpent Queen

Another great 16th century period drama, the Serpent Queen follows the story of Catherine de’ Medici as she moves from Florence to France and weds a nobleman. Her real life story leads to her producing 3 heirs and ruling alongside them – but this period drama shows the dark side of what got her there.


The polar opposite of the prim and proper ladies of Bridgerton, Harlots features the ladies of the night and all the troubles that come with that line of work. Plus Nicola Coughlan is in the cast!

Call the Midwife

This is another period drama that comes up on a lot of recommendations, including from myself. While it doesn’t really hit the same beats as Bridgerton, it has that same period-piece vibe (if that makes sense).


Set in the 1500s, Reign is great for Bridgerton fans who loved the politics behind a marriage. It’s based on the true story of Mary Stuart—the queen of Scotland—as she plans to wed the prince of France for a political alliance.


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