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13 Movies That Have Strong Female Lead

There are so many ways to define a strong female character in cinema. Maybe she’s an action hero, or a scientist, or the intelligent woman who saves the day?

What makes Marge such a strong character is that she’s a certified badass (a police chief) but manages that without having to give up her personal aspirations that would be seen as traditionally feminine

Both Ellie and the younger female lead, Lex, were strong female characters that didn’t rely on tropes or stereotypes.

Take your pick of strong female characters in this movie; that’s the entire plot! I love Steel Magnolias (like so many of its fans) because of the complexity of the characters as they work through real-life challenges.

Nani’s only 19 but steps up as Lilo’s caregiver after their parents die, a task that isn’t so simple given how hard Lilo is to parent.

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