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15 TV Shows That Flopped Because of the Pilot Episodes

Imagine this: you’re settling into your comfiest chair, armed with your favorite snacks, ready to dive into a new TV show. The hype has been building, the trailers looked promising, and you’re all in for a few hours of escapism.

Iron Fist entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe with high expectations, aiming to replicate the success of its predecessors like Daredevil and Jessica Jones

Iron Fist

The Inhumans, another Marvel series, also suffered from a disappointing beginning that it couldn’t recover from. The show intended to explore the lives of a superhuman royal family, but the pilot was met with criticism for its poor special effects, unconvincing performances, and a lack of compelling storytelling.


Emily’s Reasons Why Not was marketed as a lighthearted comedy but was canceled by ABC after just one episode. The show’s premise, centered around a woman’s dating life and her checklist of reasons to stop seeing someone, failed to resonate with audiences.

Emily’s Reasons Why Not

Father of the Pride was an ambitious project by DreamWorks that aimed to blend adult humor with animated storytelling, focusing on a family of white lions living in Las Vegas.

Father of the Pride

We Are Men aired on CBS with the promise of a humorous take on the lives of four single men living in the same apartment complex. 

We Are Men

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