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16 Shows That Deserve More Attention

Looking for some shows that are absolutely fantastic but don’t consistently make the top ten every week?

"Lovesick (Formally called Scrotal Recall) is fantastic,” says, Frizzank, “Don’t let the name dissuade you; it’s clever, funny, and heartfelt.”

"Generally, the portrayal of Natives in movies tends to be very flat or stereotypical, but these characters are developed. Love it!”

“Incredible costuming, set design, film locations, the writing is well done with enough twists to keep it interesting. It’s like Game of Thrones with actual historical figures."

"Derry Girls is such an underrated Netflix show; go watch it now says” u/deadf1shh. Fans of Bridgerton will spot Lady Whistledown herself as one of the leads, Claire.

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