20 TV Shows That Are So Addictive

By Swoon hub

A Redditor asked for recommendations, and the thread received countless options. We’ve compiled a list of the 20 best TV shows you can binge-watch anytime.

A German thriller series based on a family saga and supernatural twist. If you are a fan of thriller and mystery, this could be the perfect binge-watch.

Love watching sci-fi? Watch Severance, an absolute psychological thriller about new-age technology and work-life balance.

In the words of a Redditor, “It’s a comedy from the creator of King of the Hill; it largely focuses on parodying the app developer industry."

Another psychological thriller, this TV show, is a horror-thriller television series. It’s a treat for anyone who likes to think and analyze while watching shows – not for someone who enjoys no-brainers.

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