22 Netflix Shows That Were Cancelled Way Too Soon

It feels like Netflix keeps trying to recreate instant huge hits like Stranger Things. But whatever show they release that doesn’t cut it? It gets left for dead.

22 Netflix Shows That Were Cancelled Way Too Soon

One Day At A Time has such a peculiar story regarding its continuity. A family sitcom, One Day At A Time was comedic and fun but unafraid of dealing with more serious themes.

Everything Sucks! Is prime nostalgia bait. The 90s setting of an AV club in a small town with the ‘Boring High School’? This was tailor-made for millennials who wanted to relive their awkward days.

Based on a popular novel series, Lockwood & Co. has a real ‘Mystery Gang’ vibe to it. Set in Britain, it follows three teenagers, Lucy, Anthony, and George, who form a ghost-busting agency and decide to tackle the spiritual mysteries going around town.

The Get Down was the stuff of dreams. It was a period piece about the 70s and the rise of Disco and Hip-Hop, all created under the direction of Baz Luhrmann. And he spent over a decade trying to get it pitched.


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