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All The Netflix TV Series We Are Swooning Over This Winter

The art of the swoon may be a forgotten skill but we can still swoon over shows that showcase romance, love, gorgeous people, clothes, and property.


Bridgerton is the most swoon-worthy show! They even have an episode titled “The Art of the Swoon.”

The Crown

This show follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, from her marriage to Prince Philip and coronation to Princess Diana’s entrance into the family. Like all things royal, this show is swoony indeed!

Emily in Paris

This show is campy, quirky, and the perfect mindless show for everyone to watch. Oh, and Emily’s wardrobe is absolutely swoon-worthy!


Nothing is more swoon-worthy than the decadent palace of Versailles built by Louis XIV. This French show takes place during the construction of the Palace of VersaillesF

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