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TV Shows That Are Actually Worth Watching

We’re not just talking about good shows and movies – we’re talking about the best ones you can find on Amazon.

If you haven’t met Detective Harry Bosch, you’re living in the dark ages!

“Good Omens” is a total game-changer. Angels and demons teaming up to stop the apocalypse? Sign us up.

Now, let’s get rowdy with “The Boys.” Superheroes gone rogue, breaking all the rules and then some. It’s gritty, it’s dark, and it’s the anti-Marvel you never knew you needed.

One said, “The consultant. First two seasons of it were fantastic! Season 3 had elements of greatness, and finished well too”

A Reddit user wrote, “The Tick. They just have it all figured out. The catchy title theme and music along with the cadence of the title splash screen it’s just great”

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