Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sheffield: An Unrivaled Romance

Note: Contains Spoilers for ‘The Viscount Who Loved Me’.

On the surface, the romance between Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sheffield is not especially out of the ordinary.

But it is who they are as characters and how they are made to engage with the tropes and scenarios surrounding them that elevates their love story above the others in the series

I think this is why Kate as a character resonates with me so personally. She isn’t the overexaggerated idea of a wallflower. She’s just the one who doesn’t think anyone is looking because no one would ever have a reason to.

Beyond this, both Anthony and Kate carry with them the unresolved trauma of losing a parent at a critical stage in life — his father and her mother, respectively — and it is working through this trauma as a pair that ultimately brings them closer together

Both are, as mentioned above, the oldest sibling and the one who assumes responsibility for the family. That is a very tough front to put up, and it is one they both employ with stunning regularity and conviction.

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