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TV Shows Within a Show Ever Made

I love when shows get meta on you and feature a made-up TV show within the series’ world.

This is a recurring joke from the kids’ TV series Dexter’s Laboratory. It’s Dexter’s favorite show about a team of superheroes that doesn’t just fight evil, but has to learn to live together.

If you haven’t seen Flight of the Conchords you’re missing out on some serious musical comedy.

Technically a show within a show within a show (it airs during Kursty the Clown), The Itchy and Scratchy Show is probably the most iconic TV pick on this list.

Fururama had so many funny shows shown or referenced within it that it’s impossible to choose the best one.

This one is pretty apt for Daria’s cynical style based on the title, but we never really see much of the show (outside of promotions) during the series.

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