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TV Shows That Stopped Being Great After Only One Season

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It’s not unusual for shows to eventually go downhill or for them to be bad from the start and get worse, but these TV shows stopped being great after only one season

Now, this one might not be great, but it was at watchable. Some people, at the very least, enjoyed season 1 as a guilty pleasure. After that, though, the show was pretty much impossible to stay interested in.

This one shouldn’t have gotten a second season, or at least one like what they gave us. Altered Carbon seemed to have a lot of potential but it was just never realized – which sucks because season 1 was so good.

No offense to the people who like The Walking Dead but how many seasons can running from zombies be entertaining for? 

This show has a huge fanbase but not everyone has been sticking the series out after the first season. A lot of folks say it went downhill, especially because of the way they wrote some of the characters in the second season.

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