Films That Lost Millions at the Box Office

Worst of them all are the true bombs that actually lose money; ticket sales fail to meet or exceed production costs.

20 Films That Crashed and Burned at the Box Office

Another Disney dud, this animated film starts with Martians needing to kidnap and Earthling mom. The goal: extract her “mom-ness” and implant it into nanny-bots.

This live-action remake of the animated Disney classic had some strong headwinds. First, it came out during the pandemic, when ticket sales plummeted.

When the moon suddenly leaves its orbit, two former astronauts and a conspiracy theorist learn a hidden truth about it.

In this animated sci-fi adventure, a legendary family of explorers goes on a quest to a subterranean world. Their goal is to save a miracle plant that’s the source for the energy on their planet.




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