Blockbusters Movies

Movies that are still Making Big Bucks

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Barbie just made over a billion dollars, joining a super-exclusive club. Curious about what other movies have that special distinction?

Pixar made (and continues) to create animated classics loved by everyone. Still, the third installment of this series is arguably its best and sees the toys prepare for life without their owner, who is leaving for college.

Set in the city of Zootopia, animals of every variety live together and get into a bunch of wacky adventures. The film is filled with stunning animated imagery and uplifting messages for everyone.

Long anticipated and worth the wait for fans, this sequel to the 80’s classic sees an older Maverick dealing with the latest crop of fighter pilots and a mission that will truly test them all.

One of Marvel’s highest-grossing movies ever, this film revolves around T’Challa assuming the throne in his home country and his trials of leading his people against hordes of enemies.

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