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‘Bridgerton’ Season 1 Recap: What to Know For Season 2

Netflix’s buzzy romance series Bridgerton — based on the books by Julia Quinn — returns for its second season soon.

Anthony Bridgerton: The Reluctant Viscount

The end of the season finds Anthony declaring to Daphne and Simon that he is resolved to find himself a wife who would make a suitable Viscountess, but stipulates that suitability for the role is all he is interested in.

Benedict Bridgerton: The Sensitive Artist

Though Granville’s parties prove a little too much for Benedict, a frank conversation with his friend on the nature of love and how limiting the notion of suitability can lead Benedict to, as of the end of the season, carry on his affair with Genevieve.

Colin Bridgerton: The Dashing Romantic

Heartbroken and jaded, at the end of the season he embarks on a grand tour of Europe, needing to leave England behind for a bit.

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