‘Bridgerton’s Infamous “Color Blind” Politics Inevitably Falls Flat

When Bridgerton first premiered on Netflix in December of 2020, the show was an instant hit.

Many viewers and TV critics rightfully noted the show’s initial lack of diversity regarding dark skin characters (specifically dark skin women) and wonky racial and color politics for a period piece set in 19th century England.

Yes, Bridgerton created a fictional world wherein racism and colorism don’t seem to exist (or at least these systems are not acknowledged) in old England.

What kind of possibilities could we reimagine if English royalty supposed all people regardless of race are of relatively equal social status? However, the fantastical illusion of a colorblind England apparently only went so far.

Hugh Sachs will play Brimsley Sam Clemmet will play Young Brimsley Michelle Fairley will play Princess Augusta Tunji Kasim will play Adolphus

In Bridgerton’s first season, the dark skin actresses the show cast as background characters seemed to merely decorate the setting.

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