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Cancelled Netflix Shows People Can't Get Over

There is something so incredibly upsetting about a show you love being canceled before being wrapped up properly and the characters given proper closure.

This was the highest-rated comment, so I am assuming that is the most missed. One person said, “Marco Polo was such a great show; so much potential for spin offs, too.”

One person said, “I’ll never get over I Am Not Okay With This not getting a second season.”Another was upset that it ended with a cliffhanger, “I know!! They left it on such a big cliffhanger."

This was canceled the week it won an Emmy? What?! One person wrote, “Cancelled the week it won an Emmy. *** NETFLIX. I know they got them puppets just sitting somewhere. Free the Gelfings!”

Many Redditors were upset about this cancellation. “It was so effing good and I was so excited for Season 4. When they cancelled it, I was so mad I almost cancelled Netflix,” one person said.

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