Cancelled Shows

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12 Shows People Desperate to Revive

Just because a show has been canceled once doesn’t mean it won’t come back – even if it’s been years.

One of those SyFy channel serialized shows (akin to Stargate), Eureka felt like it could keep going long past the 5 seasons that were related. “Eureka. I loved this show..hated to see it end.” a fan lamented.

This is one of those unsung hits from the late 90s era of MTV adult animation. Imagine how much fun a reboot would be today? I can see it now: Will Smith vs Chris Rock? Do it!

Even with 6 seasons fans are never ready for some shows, like Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, to end.

No one wants to see their childhood  TV shows cancelled, but Danny Phantom is a top tier candidate to come back on the air.

A lot of fans weren’t too pleased with Teen Titans Go! coming out instead of more Teen Titans.

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