Culinary Shows: A Culinary Adventure

rom exotic ingredients to basic skills and everything in between, these shows educate and entertain. Read on to discover the can’t-miss cooking shows to add to your watchlist this year.

Culinary Shows:  A Culinary Adventure

Travel cooking shows allow audiences to explore new cuisines and cultures without leaving their kitchens. Series like “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” on CNN and “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix showcase chefs journeying to iconic food destinations.

For 13 years running, Chopped has pitted chefs against each other in intense cooking competitions centered around mystery ingredients.

Guy Fieri hosts this supermarket-themed cooking competition on Food Network.

The notoriously ill-tempered Gordon Ramsay remains one of the most-watched celebrity chefs today. Premiering in 2005, “Hell’s Kitchen” showcases Chef Gordon yelling expletives at bumbling contestants on Fox




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