End of the World Movies

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Best End of the World Movies of All Time

There are some great suggestions on this list, including a few you might not have seen or heard of if you’re younger.

Both the Omega Man and I Am Legend are based on the book “I Am Legend”, but each are presented in a different way. Starring Charleston Heston, the Omega Man is more of an action movie than horror.

Everyone on Earth ends up with a fatal form of agoraphobia so no one can go outside.

Based off the Stephen King book of the same name, The Mist is the story of an end-of-the-world Earth that’s been shrouded in mist.

A group of individuals counts quarters for a full day-24 entire hours. Quarters worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Something a little different for you! 2012 isn’t exactly a cinematic masterpiece, but if you want a B-movie-style end-of-the-world movie with explosions this one is fun watch.


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