Fans Picked These TV Shows As Underrated

By Swoon hub

Think to yourself: what’s the most underrated TV series you’ve ever watched? Not such an easy question to answer, in my opinion!

Basically, an unofficial sequel to My Name is Earl, Raising Hope was well received when it came out but is often forgotten compared to other older sitcoms.

The person who suggested the Righteous Gemstones questioned why it doesn’t appear on more TV series must-watch lists, and I’m inclined to agree.

Much like the people in Pushing Daisies, the show met an untimely demise (despite being well-received and popular at the time) thanks to issues with the 2007-8 TV writing strike.

“There are people who think that the 1960s science fiction/spy drama The Prisoner was one of the most innovative and interesting shows in TV history, and then there are the people who have never seen it.”

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