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Movies That Are Hilarious According to the Internet

While comedy is subjective I’m sure you’ll find at least one movie you like on this list!

Funny and provocative, Night Shift is the strangest movie you’ve probably never heard of. Starring several movie greats like Michael Keaton, Henry Winkler, and Shelley Long it’s about a guy who quits his stressful job as a stockbroker to take an easier one: nighttime morgue attendant.

The title sounds like horror but this comedy is, at best, a thriller. Then why the name? Well the “see” part is Richard Pryor, who plays a blind man, and the “hear” is Gene Wilder as a deaf man.

There’s no question that Hot Fuzz is one of the funniest movies of all time. A mix of action and comedy, this movie delivers nonstop unexpected twists (and jokes) from start to finish.

You could insert any Mel Brooks film into this list and it’ll fit but Blazing Saddles is probably his funniest work. It’s essentially a parody of old western movies, but with a postmodernist twist.

Jumping from a historical film like Blazing Saddles to something like Dumb & Dumber seems wrong, but this movie deserves its place amongst the comedy greats too!

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