Hidden Gems on Netflix You Probably Haven’t Discovered

You sit on the couch and scroll through your Netflix to see which shows are worth the watch. However, it seems impossible to choose when you scroll through your Netflix.

Hidden Gems on Netflix You Probably Haven’t Discovered

While Outer Bank was a series in 2020, it is still growing in popularity today. The story is about John B and his friends looking for secret treasures, which leads them to a thrilling and unexpected adventure of danger and betrayal.

Want to watch a show that is relatable to life? Ginny & Georgia is a Netflix show about Ginny Miller, a 15-year-old girl, and her mother, Georgia Miller, moving to a new town in England to have a fresh start and leave their past behind.

If you love psychological thriller shows, you might have seen You somewhere on Netflix. The show is about a charming bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg, who is infatuated with a customer, Guinevere Beck.

A horrific thriller show, The Glory, is a must-watch show on Netflix. It is a Korean show about a woman who set up an elaborate revenge plot to make her tormenter pay for abusing her for many years.




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