Lesser-Known Shows That Deserve Your Immediate Attention

Streaming TV has opened up amazing and endless possibilities for enjoying all forms of entertainment. No matter what type of programming you love, there is something for everyone.

Lesser-Known Shows That Deserve Your Immediate Attention

A feel good comedy led by Kirsten Bell and Ted Danson and supported by a talented cast, this sitcom features the afterlife in a way I never thought possible.

Natasha Lyonne shines in everything she does and this sci-fi drama series gives her the perfect platform to show off her fantastic wit and dry humor.

An alien sent to destroy earth learns that his mission is more complicated than it seems. Passing as a human by watching past episodes of Law and Order, Alan Tudyk is charming as he attempts to fit into a small Colorado town and starts to learn what it really means to be human.

A young man who found out his parents sold his soul to the devil, becomes Satan’s bounty hunter with the help of his best friend. While the plot line is, of course, outrageous, the content is hilarious, and the performances are outstanding.




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