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TV Characters You Hate to Watch These Shows

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This is one of those lists that could go on and on, so we picked the 12 most popular or interesting fan answers. Hopefully, no one you love has found their way onto this list!

Shoutout to French Canadians here! My kids watched Caillou, and it definitely has a special place in my heart… And that place is at the deep, dark, black part where I hold my enemies close (or however the saying goes).

As a writer, I hate Carrie Bradshaw for how ridiculously well-paid she appears to be for her column, but other folks had more nuanced reasons for disliking her.

This is referring to the original series when it was suggested, but I think it also applies to the Netflix remake too.

Another one that is kind of the point, Bojack Horseman is cruel, abusive, and all around unlikeable. What this show did right, though, was to show the viewer how people use their own pain to justify hurting others.

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