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Unconventional Movies We Secretly Adore and Defend

Eurotrip is a combination of teenage drama and comedy with over-the-top jokes and a very predictable plot.

Not Another Teen Movie will take you back to prom and the good old high school days.

A viewer, very naively, states that they love this movie, and it never crossed their mind why anyone would hate it. That must be some dedicated fan because the movie is ranked sub-par, at best.

Putting a movie starring Rowan Atkinson on this list feels criminal, but unfortunately, the Rat Race deserves that place.

This is a story of when a video game creator, Alex, unable to pay rent, moves in with his wild grandmother and her friends, who watch television all day.

It may be strange to see a sci-fi horror movie on this list, especially one about clown-looking aliens coming to a town where they start killing people, and it is up to a group of teenagers to save the day.

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