Movies That Sounded Anything But Authentic

When the accent is off, it can be harder to get immersed in the movie. Here are the performances that were found most lacking in the accent department.

 Movies That Sounded Anything But Authentic

According to Preply, the attempt at a Northern Italian accent went down in infamy with this campy movie. The movie was high on the list of films that have the most bad reviews that mention the accents with 27.8% of them.

It must be hard to put on a Greek accent. At least, that’s what viewers of Alexander walked away from the movie thinking. These accents didn’t cut it, and the movie got 2,144 negative reviews with 14.5% of them mentioning the accents.

There’s an art to a good accent, but that art was lacking in the movie Red Sparrow. The Russian accents weren’t judged favorably. Among the 1,228 bad reviews, 15.2% of them mentioned the bad accents.

This romantic drama was somewhat dependent on the British accents. Unfortunately, the actors couldn’t meet the good expectations. It got 1,156 poor reviews, and 16.1% of them mentioned the accents.




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