Movies That Will Leave You Questioning Reality

Some of these movies are hilariously strange, but many aren’t just weird, they’re absolutely horrific. Be warned!

Movies That Will Leave You Questioning Reality

There is nothing I don’t love about the movie Rubber. If the phrase “artsy French film” makes you think of movies like Amélie or Léon then you’re in for a wild ride when it comes to Rubber.

Another horror comedy (bizarre seems to be common in this genre), The People Under the Stairs is about a guy who breaks into his landlords’ house to rob them only to discover they have a bunch of boys mutilated and imprisoned under their stairs.

Indescribable is the best word I can think of to give you an idea of what Being John Malkovich is like, so you better just watch it for yourself.

The 70s was the golden age of experimental film and The Holy Mountain is definitely up there when it comes to strange moves from that era.

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