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Must-Have's for Bridgerton Season 2 and Beyond: A Wishlist for Fans

On Christmas Day 2020, Netflix released a splashy, vibrant, Regency-era show that was hotly anticipated by those who usually like that sort of thing: romance novel fans, Jane Austen fans, and all of those who fall somewhere along that Venn Diagram

What then, O Reader, can the showrunners do to sustain public interest? As a paragon of taste in our fair society, I humbly offer my suggestions. Though be warned, fair reader, I shall not make any effort to conceal from you any details savoury or sordid (translation: book spoilers below!)

A redemption arc for Miss Penelope Featherington

What I am saying is that future seasons need to show Penelope putting in the work to make right what she did, so that by the time we get to her season, viewers of the show love her just as much as book readers do.

Scrap the plot of book 5 entirely

Adapting this book exactly — or approximately — as written is made very difficult when taking into account the characters of Eloise and Marina as portrayed in the show.

Set up the last three books much sooner

The three youngest Bridgerton siblings need to be brought into the show and given significant roles much sooner if the audience is to care about them the way they do their older siblings.

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