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20 TV Shows That Made Viewers Say “Nope”

One Redditor asked, “What TV show did you try to get into but ultimately couldn’t?” Many users commented on this thread, and we have picked the top 20 TV shows for you!

Mike is having a normal conversation with someone when he suddenly trails off, then runs out of the room. A random word said in the previous conversation has reminded Mike of some obscure law/clause buried deep in a law book somewhere.

Sure, you’ve got Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon, who make the best zombie-killing squad. But for some, the never-ending parade of new characters and constant goodbyes can be emotionally draining.

Not every show’s going to be everyone’s cup of coffee. We all got different tastes, and TV shows are like a buffet- something for everyone.

“The Bachelor” is a rollercoaster of emotions, with contestants vying for the heart of one lucky guy. Someone on Reddit said, “The Bachelor. I just couldn’t deal with it.”

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