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Shows and Movies That Are Basically Just Glorified Propaganda

If there’s one thing, we can all agree on, it’s that we love a good binge-watching session. It’s the perfect escape from reality, right?

A person wrote, “Reefer Madness was literally propaganda.”

A Redditor said, “The Wizard. And the power glove was bad so very very bad”

A user said, “Top Gun. Sr year of high school an Air Force recruiter showed this film to our class before his recruitment speech”

Someone said, “Titanic. It’s just pure anti-iceberg propaganda. The iceberg was just minding its own business when Captain Smith just practically rams into it at full steam ahead.”

A person wrote, “I have a conspiracy theory with absolute evidence and backing, that King Charles traded insider knowledge and/or access for a favourable portrayal on the latest season of ‘The Crown’”

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