Bridgerton Prequel Finishes Filming!

In a rare post on Instagram, India Amarteifio, @india_amarteifio, shared a picture of her in a mirror with a sign reading “Happy Last Day” pasted on it.

India is currently playing Young Queen Charlotte in the new Bridgerton Prequel series.

Does that mean that the spinoff is finally finished filming? Hopefully yes!

Netflix and Shondaland have not given any indication of when the show will be released. We do know, thanks to India, that the show finished filming.

With filming just finishing, it is possible that an early 2023 release will happen. Bridgerton fans will certainly be glad for anything to help them while away the time until Season 3 is released. 

Netflix has yet to release an official title, but the name “Jewels” has been used in internal documents referring to the show.

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